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New Office Building

With this design of the administrative buildings for the internationally-operating company in the high-tech industry, Buerkert - Fluid Control Systems, our office has won the first price of an architectural competition in Germany. Today, architecture is increasingly becoming a means of internal and external communication of the company's vision and culture. We understand corporate architecture as a built corporate identity. It finds its expression in the architecture and ambiance of the building and becomes a part of the corporate design.

The Main Idea

The company premises of Buerkert are directly located on a riverside characteristic of the Southern German landscape. So far you can hardly notice it. The idea was to use the direct riverside location to restage the new administrative buildings. This way, the company’s motto "we make ideas flow" and the working field of "fluid control systems" are translated architecturally and brought to life by the newly created spaces. 

The Tube - World of Buerkert

The central part of the building, the "World of Buerkert", creates an architectural moving space by its dynamic shape. A pipe is spanned between a water-filled tower at the entrance and the river as an endpoint. By immersing into this tube one is led to the communication zones, passing different introverted areas, the "digital tube", in which the company presents itself with all services offered. Next to the communicative exchange it functions as a distributor into the different functional areas. So you dive into the world of Buerkert, starting with the show truck, continuing with the "digital tube" and the various communication zones, deeper and deeper, until you end up in the business lounge with views over the river Kocher.

The Water Tower as a Signal Point

At the entrance of the "World of Buerkert" there is a glass tower filled with water. It has three important functions: 1. It is the symbol of the company’s working area. 2. It serves as an entrance signal and therefore attracts guests and customers to the "World of Buerkert".3. With its large volume of water it serves as a buffer storage in the concept of a self-sufficient energy supply.

Interaction with Urban Development

In addition to the water tower and the connecting tube to the river, the main two-storey office building is placed onto the existing building. The office and conference space are accessible through the tube, and are also connected by a bridge to the existing office space. Along the public street a strip with detached houses, encircled by a green space, connects the large-scale office buildings and small-scale residential development.