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Extension Business Complex

One of the core competencies of our office is creating future working places. This involves the design and conception of intelligent, flexible and highly attractive working environments that play an increasingly important role in employee acquisition and retention.

Buerkert Campus

The building complex of the company located in Southern Germany is growing steadily due to its successful development. Due to the planned expansion of the site a dimension is achieved which makes a superior organization of the entire system necessary, including traffic development and orientation. So the idea was born to develop the company system as a campus. In addition to the existing building complex, the planned buildings and the ring development for the purpose of transport, organized and oriented around an inner axis, add up to the "Buerkert Campus". On the basis of the existing buildings, open spaces and green areas are developed along this axis in addition to the new buildings. The campus axis can be extended continuously and serves as a strong framework for future extension that is flexible for future requirements.

Smart Working

Smart-Working-Concepts are characterized by flexibility and mobility, new technologies and communication, with open structures and spatially flexible. They should be stimulating, diverse and multifaceted. The world of work is seen as a habitat with different zones and areas, like a cityscape, tailored to the specific processes and activity profiles of employees. The result is "Work Places" as typical work areas, "WePlaces " for communication and cooperation with colleagues and "Me Places" for undisturbed concentration on oneself and ones task. A building is thus process and project- oriented at the same time, changeable and multi-functional, and also provides a long-term investment security.

Business Families

Taking into account the increasing skills shortages and at the same time increased demands on employees, the traditional separation between work and life is becoming increasingly indistinct. It focuses on the formation of individual teams, the so-called "business families”. This refers to differentiated project groups formed to a specific time or for specific projects. Generous and open, partially cross-storey rooms are designed with various visual relationships. They both provide the classic work areas in larger and smaller zones as well as diversely designed meeting Islands, kitchens and rest areas. This idea directly proceeds with associated patio areas and green spaces developed in the outer space. The "business families" thus find the flexible spaces they need to live this idea.

The planned extension of the company's campus provides all structural requirements to live this changed understanding of work.